Therefore, I want the men in every place to pray, lifting up holy hands...  1 Timothy 2:8

Prayer List

The prayer list is something we do to serve Ashland county. Men from all over the County, USA, and the world pray every other week for Ashland County. This bi-weekly list contains a challenge as a man, a challenge for our community, and Ashland Men needs.

The challenge as a man is a brief devotional which is written by Doug Knox. Doug is a gifted writer and people frequently say they read this and it is an encouragement. We try to get local input for the challenge from the community by using local political, school, or safety services to solicit prayer for the areas where they serve. We also use local businessmen or members of the body of Christ to personalize the requests.

Prayer is the single best thing we do and it makes a difference where we live. It also brings the community together. For now the list is sent to men only, but we are working on a way to allow anyone to read the devotional as it's too good to reserve it for the list only.

When you look at the men that are praying for the community you will see names that are in bold italics. These are the men God has called to Himself, but they faithfully prayed with us till they were called home.


Adam Davis, Adam Harman, Adam Sweet, Adam Welch, Al Farnam, Alan Channell, Alan Esbenshade, Alex Sharick, Allen Webb, Andy Beach, Andy Hines, Andy Kuscsik, Andy Shank, Arden Fitch, Arden Fitch II, Arden Gilmer, Armondo Padovan, Art Richter

Barry Sponsler, Barry Whitt, Bartley Sawatsky, Ben Roby, Ben Uselton, Bill Back, Bill Baker, Bill Bardy, Bill Bobbitt, Bill Bolin, Bill Bright, Bill Flanegan, Bill Harris, Bill Johnson, Bill Nowacki, Bob Beaty, Bob Beer, Bob Derr, Bob Entenmann, Bob Frazier, Bob Gifford, Bob Hartwell, Bob Keiffer, Bob Keiffer Sr., Bob Loyd, Bob Remington, Bob Roblin, Bob Sanford, Brad Evans, Brad Hendrickson, Brad Ruminski, Brad Wise, Brennon Galloway, Brent Mansfield, Brent Page, Brian Boss, Brian DruShell, Brian Finger, Brian Hillman, Brian Rowe, Brian Westfall, Bruce McGinnis, Bruce Ronk, Bruce Triplehorn, Bruce Searle, Bryan Kirby, Bryan Oswalt, Bryan Stewart, Byrd Stillwell, Bubba_Harris

Carl Durfey, Carl Leedy, Cary Leslie, Cary Sawatsky, Chad Grubb, Charlie Burley, Charlie Ritchey, Chet Woodward, Chris Beachy, Chris Campbell, Chris Connolly, Chris Harker, Chris Mansfield, Chris Steiner, Chuck Deems, Chuck Deter, Chuck Howard Chuck Russell, Chuck Young, Craig Banghart

Dale Baer, Dan Allan, Dan Arnold, Dan Daugherty, Dan Freebern, Dan Hale, Dan Hart, Dan Hazlett, Dan Hiller, Dan Neiswander, Dan Phillips, Dan Ricket Dantan Wernecke, Dave Bartter, Dave Ford, Dave James, Dave Leedy, Dave McLaugh, Dave McQuown, Dave Pond, Dave Poole, Dave White, Dave Wright, David Hendron, Dean Horst, David Spreng, Dean Risser, Denis Lange, Dennis Custer, Denny Dunlevy, Dick Bryant, Dick Tucker, Don Frazer, Don McCallister, Don McCracken, Don McGriff, Doug Able, Doug Brown, Doug Cellar, Doug Cooper, Doug Fitch, Doug Knox, Doug Mills, Doug Shipper, Doug Shymske, Doug Wolfe, Doug Yoho, Dusty Sloan, DuWayne Conger, Dwayne Weaver

Ed Hartley, Edward Wagner, Eric Able, Eric Baughman

Gabe Kocher, Garth McGrail, Gary Edwards, Gary Keller, Gary Kurtti, Gene Esbenshade, Glenn Davis, George Swain, George Wallace, Glen Stewart, Glenn Sprunger, Gordon Garling, Gordon Hamm, Greg Cayse, Greg Gault, Greg Hockenberry, Greg Summers

Harry Bohl, Herb Carr, Howard Grim, Howard Garlock, Huey Bean

Jack Colegrove, Jack Colvin, Jack Pahl, James Bell, James Kaniecki, Jarrod Higgins, Jarrod Ross, Jason Carmean, Jason Davis, Jason Oblinger, Jason Strickling, Jason Yoho, Jeff Benner, Jeff Hinterlong, Jeff Slater, Jeremy Cline, Jerry Allan, Jerry Bartman, Jerry Gess, Jerry Strausbaugh, Jim Bernhard, Jim Bell, Jim Helton, Jim Hess, Jim Jones, Jim Machin, Jim Patterson, Jim Reehl, Jim Taylor, Jim Uszynski, Joe Grillo, Joe Grundy, Joe Keim, Joe Kunz, Joe Maggelet, John Bouquet, John Clayton, John Griffin, John Jentes, John Oleyar, John O. Teevan, John Kidd, John McCourt, John McClure, John Musgrove, John Rohrer, John Ross, John Rowe, John Rowsey, John Teevan, John Swope, Jon Coy, Jon Hall, Jonathan Vore, Jordan Boss, Jordan Repp, Josh Hiller, Josh McKinney, Joshua Cominski, Justin Grimwood

Keith Crone, Keith Pruner, Keith Tyson, Ken Brown, Ken Heyl, Ken Rosser, Kent Hall, Kevin McQuate, Kevin Smith, Kirk Fairhurst, Kory Kaufman, Kurt Brown, Kyle Vaughn

Lanny Young, Larry Blessing, Larry Carman, Larry Messmore, Larry Norris, Lee McClish, Lino Ribeiro, Logan Repp, Lowell Beyers

Mark Able, Mark Aurig, Mark Combs, Mark Frazer, Mark Freer, Mark Holsinger, Mark Laing, Mark Istanich, Mark Miller, Mark Raczynski, Matt Martin, Matt Miller, Matt Pfeiffer, Matt Schumaker, Matt K. Switzer, Matt Timmons, Matthew Harris, Mel Severns, Michael Smith, Michael Thieme, Mike Futrell, Mike Blackledge, Mike Cole, Mike Deaton, Mike Eaton, Mike T. Harwood, Mike Morgan, Mike Parker, Mike Todd, Milton Damazo, Mitch Pfeiffer, Mitch Van Rassel, Myles Robbins

Nathan Bryant, Nathan Roblin, Nathan Smith, Nathan Wells, Neal Durfey, Neil Ebert, Neil Hinkle, Norm Apgar, Norm Johnson

Patrick Frazer, Patrick Miller, Paul Becker, Paul Bennett, Paul Dienstberger, Paul Miller, Paul Spicer, Paul Stevenson, Paul Tracy, Pete Snyder, Peter Bors, Phil Harbaugh, Philip Bryant

Randal Boquist, Randy Kline, Randy Larue, Randy Myers, Randy Neubauer, Randy Van Hove, Ray Weaver, Ray Kawiecki, Ray Yungert, Rex Heffelfinger, Rex Yarger, Rich Hange, Rich Kline, Rich Policz, Rich Strickling, Rich Williamson, Richard C. Pugh, Richard Hess, Richard Karnosh, Rick Campbell, Rick Turske, Rob Barlow, Rob Heichel, Rob Knowlton, Rob Stanley, Robert Birkes, Robert Pineda, Robert Rhea, Rod Estep, Rod Gray, Rod Keller, Roger Pendleton, Roger Hayes, Roger Mills, Ron Bowers, Ron Kempf, Ron Ross, Ron Sprunger, Ronnie Martin, Russ Hawthorne, Rusty Radcliff, Ryan Brown, Ryyan Meininger

Sam Shepherd, Scott Gerwig, Scott Harris, Scott Howell, Scott Millhouse, Scott Myers, Scott Young, Seth Lamb, Shane Deer, Spencer Favers, Stanley Hess, Steve Bartley, Steve Bechtel, Steve Black, Steve Chereson, Steve Friesen, Steve Hannan, Steve Howell, Steve Knisely, Steve Patterson, Steve Purvis, Steve Rayburn, Steve Shepherd, Steve Willeke, Steve Wise, Stu Stinemetz

Ted Adomanis, Ted Claar, Ted Smetzer, Ted Turk, Terry Eichar, Terry Thompson, Thomas Sanders, Tim Cooper, Tim Craver, Tim Davidson, Tim Eckstein, Tim Harper, Tim Johnson, Tim Kershner, Tim Marsh, Tim McMillen, Tim Nowlin, Tim Workman, Todd Hurley, Todd Roblin, Todd Schlereth, Tom Carson, Tom Castor, Tom Dove, Tom Hetrick, Tom Hulme, Tom McConahay, Tom Rodman, Tom Sanders, Travis Klingler, Travis Ropp Jr.

Vern Osborn, Victor Taj, Virg Cooke, Voy Harmon

Wayne Baker, Wayne Houser, Wendell Swartzentruber, Wes Collins, Will McMahan, William Taylor, Willie Springer

Zane Gross

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